On a Diet

This unfinished home sits in a ghostly section of Beit La’ham, Bethlehem, or House of the Lamb. This town is on a diet and has been for years.
After Palestinians cast their votes for their next leader the world turned their back. Funny how political discourse can be so easy-come-easy-go.
The Israelis took their power of the Palestinians to another level after the elections. They’ve been toying with these people like wooden puppets for so long now it’s beginning to seem normal. This is when life scares me. When such awful things become normal, humans take a step back in evolution, or maybe we’re not evolving at all.
When the Israelis heard of Hamas winning the elections they said they would just have to put the Palestinians “on a diet.” Just like that. Diet time!
Milk was hard to find in Gaza. Tax money owed to the Palestinian people is controlled and now being kept by the Israelis. Towns die slowly. People lose hope.

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