Earth Day

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read over this list of 10 things everyone can do to save money and the Earth. It’s Earth Day and a crucial point for you to take the next step towards a cleaner lifestyle.
Worldwatch has put together this brilliant and easy to follow document with a ton of great links to help you accomplish your Earth-saving tasks. Have a look.
After browsing and maybe doing some of the things on the list, please comment about something you did or something you found that was interesting or suprisingly easy to change in your life.

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  1. Anonymous:

    Thanks for these tips. I am going to make this 10 tips page my home browser. It’s hard, but it’s all about undoing bad habits. That’s it. Everyone can do that. Thanks for caring 🙂

  2. pops:

    Hi Jim
    looking at the list I see that we practice seven out of the ten crucial points. But there is always room for improvement! That gas guzzler is going to be a big change for tha U.S.
    Every Day Is Earth Day

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