Romance of the Sand

Heat. It surrounds you like a wool blanket. It almost itches, a warm rash without a moment’s relief. You hide in the shadows of a rock only to watch as the shade grows smaller and moves towards your feet like lava, until finally the relentless sun envelopes you.
The desert brings romantic thoughts to most people’s minds. Often it can be romantic, but the reality of it is that its temperatures test human endurance and its flies one’s sanity.
After a week of stress I escaped the chaotic life of Amman and made for the southern desert region of Wadi Rum for meditation.

Posted June 4th, 2006 in Uncategorized.

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  1. mark:

    the omnipresent heat is a powerful test of one’s perserverence and resourcefulness. i just remember going out to the black rock desert in nevada, and just trying to make sence of it all (it was for burningman ’03 & ’05). granted i was able to hop from shade structure to tent now and again, but to take a long ride into “no mans’ land” outside the perimiter – and realy explore the 400 square mile alkali lake bed, you can find what you’re made of pretty quickly. i guess it’s safe to say i found something.

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