Giving Life

What was the best gift you’ve ever got? Maybe it was a stereo? I remember really wanting a snowboard when I was young and my parents getting me a beauty for Christmas.
It’s hard to conjure up your favorite gift when so many are material goods with little meaning attached.
What if someone gave you life? Wrapped in a small package was a longer stay on this fine planet. You can’t hold it, but every time you breathe you remember the gift.
Today I drove to Gaza Refugee Camp (called this because all the Palestinians here originate from Gaza strip) outside Jerash, Jordan. Mara traveled with us back to Amman for her routine checkup.
A new Gift of Life branch in Amman, Jordan, donated the funds required to pay for her heart surgery. She will need two more operations due to her complicated case.
With out-of-pocket donations, this organization raised enough to give Mara life. Surprisingly, the Gift of Life has found a few more children in the area who need similar operations, and they are having trouble raising the less than $8000 needed per child.
It’s so hard to think the amount of money I paid for my car in the US could pay for half of someone’s life.
I know the people in Amman looking for donations if anyone is interested.

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  1. LAU:

    You are so right; impressive post. They seem to do a very good job. How could we ever bother about a new car, an even bigger house or yet another DVD? Much more important things to worry and care about.

  2. Anonymous:

    You have captured both the anxiety that must course through the little one as she had many eyes upon her yet the trust through the loving touch of her mother and doctor.
    Powerful. As all your images are.
    Well done, Jim.
    Glad to know you.
    Your gift will translate into life for the next child…and one’s we haven’t even met.

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