Native Rights

Palestine. Who knows what will become of the people native to this land. These boys, and their fathers and mothers who surround them in Menara Circle of Ramallah, call for a “Right of Return.”

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  1. Willie:

    Hey Jim,

    “The right of return” being given to foriegn Jews and not native Arabs is unjust and I don’t support it. It does have a logic within the context of the state of Israel. Jews have historically been persecuted minorities in larger nations (like the Kurds or Roma). Israel was founded in large part to create a nation in which they would not be in the minority. The government is obligated to create whatever laws to ensure that this Jewish majority and control remains in tact. It’s often a brutal thing- nation building.

    Thanks for your entries!

  2. Lau:

    Nation building -when a nation is defined as a piece of land containing a group of people with similar looks, backgrounds and language- is indeed often brutal, since it neglects or denies the rights of others to the same piece of land and from thereon becomes suppresive most of the times. The attempted russification of the Baltics is a similar example.

    Birth rights are as difficult. Can I -my grandma is from Germany- claim parts of that country?

    Well rights? Who are we to claim the rights to a certain piece of land anyway? We only borrow it for a few decades.

    Of course I can understand countries and borders exist, but not having the freedom or choice to live where your home is, since others are taking over, is probably be the worst thing possible.

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