Beauty of Spontaneity

There are photographers, or people in general, who live by a plan. “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” a friend sends all his emails with this quote as a signature.
Planning can be important at times, but for me the best moments in life are the unplanned, the spontaneous.
When I predict the images I will see, or hope for an outcome, I’m always disappointed by what transpires. By expecting something that may never happen, I open myself up for disappointment. For this reason I often battle with the idea of a plan.
After the sun dropped towards California, I strolled along the perimeter of the Wall around Ramallah. Hisham’s horse, Husan, a beautiful pregnant mare, was feeding on some grass in a field just beside the unsightly cement barrier. The scene made me think about how important it is to show the beauty in life when trying to understand the troubles.

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  1. pops:

    What is a plan if it wasn’t made to be changed?
    Some of the best times that we all have had are spontaneous.
    We do not like to plan to much because plans don’t allways seem to work out.
    But if it happens sponaneously,
    does it not allways seem to be better?
    Let it HAPPEN;-)

  2. bekahd:

    Jim, you say you are often disappointed by what transpires, but may I kindly suggest that perhaps you can not see what we see in your pictures? You might be too close to them, like the way in which I look at myself in the mirror and think I’m ugly, and five minutes later Toby tells me how pretty I look today! Anyway, your pictures are inspiring and they always capture humanity at a deep and powerful level. Plan or no plan, you are way more successful than you realize!

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