Financing the World’s Wars

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If you ever get the change to look through our government’s file cabinets, you’ll be surprised to know how much money YOU are spending on the development of “advanced weapon systems” in Israel… (yes that’s billions a year)
We all must ask why and look every now and then at where our tax dollars are going. Don’t be afraid to contact your representatives with your newfound knowledge.



For expenses necessary for grants to enable the President to carry out the provisions of section 23 of the Arms Export Control Act, $4,442,300,000: Provided, That of the funds appropriated under this heading, not less than $2,280,000,000 shall be available for grants only for Israel, and not less than $1,300,000,000 shall be made available for grants only for Egypt: Provided further, That the funds appropriated by this paragraph for Israel shall be disbursed within 30 days of the enactment of this Act: Provided further, That to the extent that the Government of Israel requests that funds be used for such purposes, grants made available for Israel by this paragraph shall, as agreed by Israel and the United States, be available for advanced weapons systems, of which not less than $595,000,000 shall be available for the procurement in Israel of defense articles and defense services, including research and development: Provided further, That of the funds appropriated by this paragraph, $206,000,000 should be made available for assistance for Jordan: Provided further, That funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this paragraph shall be nonrepayable notwithstanding any requirement in section 23 of the Arms Export Control Act: Provided further, That funds made available under this paragraph shall be obligated upon apportionment in accordance with paragraph (5)(C) of title 31, United States Code, section 1501(a).”

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  1. Jim Korpi:

    This is for the year 2006. If you look at 2007 there is an increase in funds going to Israel for military finance of 40 MILLION dollars bringing the total to 2,320,000,000!

  2. willie:

    I believe a large amount of this aid money gets spent on equipment provided by the US military industrial complex.

  3. Drew Reese:

    Basically, we’ve been paying Israel and Egypt to keep them from destroying one another since 1978. Not that we weren’t supporting Israel before then — which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself when viewed through the cynical lenses of national interest (They are the only democracy — sorta — in the region, and America’s only actual ally there.). But the Camp David Accords sort of legitimized the creation of a regional super power in the name of “peace.” It’s a pity the super power is so paranoid …

  4. LaU:

    Supporting a country is somewhat different than sending in money stipulating that it SHOULD be used for advanced weapons and defense articles.

    Besides is just being sort of a democracy (like the US, sort of a democracy; yes: some people vote) reason enough to support a country? Its even questionable if supporting Israel in the way the US does, is in its own national interest.

    885 billion USD worldwide, 50% US, on arms and defense could and should be spend otherwise.

  5. garyoke_in_nh:

    Yeah – a christian nation funding a jewish nation’s military a jewish nation oppressing an islamic people, and internecine conflicts between Hamas and Al Fatah about to do more damage to those people than the jewish nation could. Man, I’m confused about this whole religion thing.

    So now as I’m leavin’ / I’m weary as Hell
    The confusion I’m feelin’ / Ain’t no tongue can tell
    The words fill my head / And fall to the floor
    If God is on our side / He’ll stop the next war.”

    – Bob Dylan

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