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After shuffling through the back of the refrigerator for some outdated Polaroid film, Annah and I made our way to the back porch so I could make a few portraits. The day was beautiful.
This photograph made me think a lot about the way I’ve been spending my time lately and how most of us spend our time. I was working hard to finish a project, and in the process of working I had almost forgotten about the person who has been supporting me, the person who stood beside me when I was an ass and in the process had forgotten to enjoy her company. It scares me sometimes when I think about how fleeting life can be and how little time we spend with those people who give the most meaning to living.

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  1. Anonymous:

    The human imprint on the internal landscape of our soul.

  2. Rebekah:

    This is better than any Renaissance painting I’ve seen. Beautiful! Of course, it helps that she is gorgeous.

  3. Jim Korpi:

    Lau and Bekah,
    Annah is quite amazing in more ways than her physical beauty. Her heart is her most endearing quality.
    As for Renaissance paintings… I’m not a big fan. To me it looks like a lot of wealthy white men painting dreamy images of their wealthy white friends. There’s not much to think about. Not that there is a whole bunch to think about with my portrait of Annah…

  4. Lau:

    You know our opinions on female beauty differ. And you know I think you (and I) should pinch your hands (as we dutch say) knowing her!

    There’s more behind the mostly Italian paintings than most people realize. It marks the end of art just being a religious toy.

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