The Apple Tree Blog

The Photographs

The images on this blog are not meant to illustrate the text nor the other way around. There may be a theme that ties both the words and photographs together in some way, but my intent is to have both stand on their own.
My photography is often quiet and still. I’m not searching for the exact moment or for the stars to align or peak action to occur. The majority of our life happens quietly and nearly slips by us without notice.
My blog gives me a place to display work that has little other outlet. I do not necessarily place what I consider my best images on this site, instead I use photographs that will work towards a deeper meaning either with the contribution of words or in relation to those words.

The Words

The text on this blog are my musings. I often go on long car rides and my mind drifts in and out of different thoughts and ideas about the world around us. In writing these thoughts down, it allows me to expand, explore and share my concerns or questions. My hope is to instigate dialogue and similar questions in those who happen to stumble upon the site.

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