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A wonderful life


Delivering Christmas Cookies to Neighbors, Athens, Ohio © Jim Korpi

“Isn’t it wonderful!
So many faces!
Mary did it, George!
Mary did it!
She told some people you were in trouble, and then they scattered all over town collecting money.
They didn’t ask any questions – just said: ‘If George is in trouble, count me in…” – It’s a Wonderful Life

Declared Preference

Empty Swings, New Orleans © Jim Korpi

“Fuck it. It’s a big world,” she claims toward a clear, unresponsive window as if the person beside her would not hear nor care. But she hopes he will.
Words spoken are never erased. They grow scales and slither across the brain.
The world is big, but the space we consume day by day and those devoured by our appetite for the spice of life are finite.
We swing in and out and spread thin our influence. Best of friends are unlimited and families wait patiently in line until they’re needed.