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big bad wolf


Big, Bad Wolf, Ikea, Milan, Italy © Jim Korpi

Sequim, Washington: 2010 Census Population, 6,606 (humans), an increase of 52% since 2000 census.

The town was given its name by the S’Klallam tribe meaning the “place for going to shoot” the elk herds and waterfowl.

Lowlands are naturally places of food for elk during winter in the mountains.

Part of the historic migratory path of the elk herd is now blocked by the local Holiday Inn Express and the Black Bear Diner, according to the Peninsula Daily News.

The most recent culling of the Dungeness Elk herd was to bring the number down from 40 to 20-25.

“We have to have a number where we are not having agricultural damage,” said Sgt. Eric Anderson of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “Twenty animals do half the damage of 40 animals.” Peninsula Daily News

expectations on man

Movement of Grass, Eastern Shores, Virginia © Jim Korpi

If I were a carpenter,
With calloused hands
And all to be expected of a man,
Would you still love me?

My grave and allotted soil
Will know only what I provide.
It asks not what I was, or what I am
But only for me to stay.

Am I not like the tree?
Whose limbs lose the burden
Of yesterday’s season, rest,
And birth new form.

The me who has been
Will no longer be.
Freed from the worldly,
I return. Reborn.
Naked, I hold no instruments
Of art nor the tyranny of trade.

I ask only for the breast
To feed me
And the warm comforting calm.