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looking up

Dippy, Diplodocus carnegii, Pittsburgh © Jim Korpi

“That’s the first time I’ve seen a bald eagle the whole time I’ve been here,” I realized out loud as I watched an eagle soar over the deconstruction of the Elwha Dam. The bird’s confident flight seemed to approve of what was happening below. It was my last day in a trip to the Pacific Northwest. “Have you been looking up in the sky at all?” Colleen asked. “Actually, I think I’ve been looking down most of the time I’ve been here,” I admitted. To this Colleen replied,“You’ve just been looking in the wrong place.”

She was right. For weeks I had been inside my mind reflecting on inner struggles. Meanwhile the world, complete with natural wonders, makes it’s rotations around a burning star and life continues.

Mahatma Gandhi once said a person is the product of their thoughts, and what they think they become.